dave graney:clare moore:the mistLY:stu thomas and stuart perera: lurid yellow mist:the royal dave graney show:the dave graney show:coral snakes:white buffaloes:moodists:night of the wolverine:lure of the tropics:the soft'n'sexy sound:the devil drives:kiss tomorrow goodbye:the brother who lived:heroic blues:the third woman:hashish and liquor:keepin'it unreal:two fisted art:we wuz curious:knock yourself out: Supermodified
1001 australian nights
: rock'n'roll is where I hide : you've been in my mind : THE DAMES : point blank: live in hell :


THE DAMES - new project featuring Clare Moore, Kaye Louise Patterson and a cast of MANY. Mixed by Barry Adamson. Out Now

"dave graney'n'the coral snakes the mercury years 94-97" 4 disc set released June Universal Music Australia
includes "crayfish palace royalty" a fifteen track disc of rarities.Absurdly cheap!

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new dave graney solo album FEARFUL WIGGINGS coming in MAY 2014



YOU'VE BEEN IN MY MIND (2012 cd) rock'n'roll is where I hide"(2011 cd) SUPERMODIFIED"(2010 cd) KNOCK YOURSELF OUT"(2009 cd) and many others available here via PAYPAL.