Western Home Decor 101

Western Style Home Decor Is Really Important For My Style

western decor

Decor matters in all facets of life, whether its a movie night at home or a night out on the town. Decor plays a role in setting the mood, portraying an idea and the overall flavor of the environment. A time I can remember that decor was important was when my family and I went to Montana for a family vacation. We stayed in a guest house on a ranch that was completely decked out. The decor played a role in setting the mood while we were there as well as becoming a clear point of memory of that trip.


Another way decor played a role was through creating a memorable first impression, from the moment I drove up I knew it would be a different style house than any that I have ever stayed in, which is one of the main reasons why we chose this living situation over just another local hotel. The house featured a log exterior with newly finished cabin like wood and decorations inside. It boasted a beautiful western rug which really stood out among the rest of the decor. I specifically remember the bedroom I slept in had a huge wildlife mural painted on the wall. Furthermore, the floors is the house consisted of wood with numerous wildlife rugs featuring animals such as deer, bear, elk and many more.

Western Decor Always Reminds Me of Montana

As I am looking back now reflecting, I can see why western home decor was important, I believe that the owners of the ranch knew this when they were creating the guest house. The owners knew that other people would be staying there, and therefore wanted them to have a memorable “Montana” experience. Because of the cool layout and decor of the house, it made the entire trip more fun and memorable because for me, it gave the feel of excitement even when we were just getting back from whatever that days adventure may have been.

Southwestern Home Decor Basics

My First Experience Decorating With Southwestern Decor

southwest home decorA Triforce lamp is adjusted to just the right angle.  The bookshelves stand tall: towers to defend my kingdom.  My TARDIS blanket is draped elegantly over my chair.  This is my domain.  If you hadn’t already guessed it, I’m a geek.  Being entirely honest, I have never had much of an eye for fashion.  My Mother and sister scoff at my sad attempts to put together a dress outfit.  However, southwestern decor is an entirely different ball game.  In my room, I have the ability to express my interests in a unique way.


When I’m not reorganizing my bookshelves for the umpteenth time, I’m on Pinterest crafting my Southwestern Decor board (a personal favorite is the Portal bathroom idea with two opposing mirrors giving the illusion of a real portal), or I’m playing the Sims and creating my dream library for pixel people.  One day, I want a room with a secret bookshelf passageway like in Scooby Doo.  (It is important to dream big).  Kidding aside, decor is self-expression in the sense that I can pay tribute to the things I love as subtly or as obnoxiously as I want.


Finding My Identity in My Decorating Style

The spaces in my life that I have jurisdiction over become an extension of myself.  In times when I feel broken, seeing my room the way I intended it to be, as a reflection of myself, puts me back together in a small way.  Is my “Mischief Managed” poster overdoing it a little?  Perhaps. However, it is the visual reminder of stories that in the past have made me feel loved that create a sense of home for me.  Wherever I am living, I spread my geeky sense of style, so that even when it seems as though I am alone, I have my fiction friends along with me.

Decorating For the Christmas Season

christmas decorating

Christmas can be a magical time of year for people of all ages.  It is a wonderful, festive and mysterious time of year filled with excitement, love, and traditions.  Christmas allows for quality time for family and friends to reminiscence of times shared and creates new memories. As a child, it seems that everything turned into a winter wonderland during this season.  Every store was beaming with glitter, ribbons, themed ornate trees and lots of beautifully wrapped gifts.  People looked happy and interested in making others cheerful. As an adult, my highlights of the holiday season have changed to love Christmas with a different conviction.  This magical transformation of this time of year has developed into not only the many embellishments of my home but the intoxicating aromas of my favorite desserts creating the center décor of a family tradition.


My favorite memories revolved around the Christmas gingerbread house. It was around the age of nine that I began to realize that this holiday was more than Santa bringing toys to all the boys and girls around the world.  I became aware of the weeks leading up to this celebration that my parents would save our leftover Halloween candy, cereal and crackers for decorating what became a family tradition throughout the generations.  Something as unpretentious as the baking and assembling gingerbread houses brought our family together in an effortless evening of fun and creativity. As a child I anxiously watched, tasted and would help to prepare the ginger cake mix for the walls to build the houses. In those earlier years it was quite easy to be enticed with enormous amounts of candy, sweets and icing associated with the construction without feeling the consequences of the indulgence of consuming the tantalizing sweets.  Each gingerbread house over the years was a masterpiece by itself that would become the centerpiece of our Christmas décor. This tradition expresses no discrimination for age or talent, it truly unites and closes the age gap.


As years pass the assembly of a pre-baked gingerbread kit took over the hours of baking and allowed the focus on the decorating.  There is such a joy watching children create their version of a gingerbread house engulfed with candy and the brilliance of surprising themselves with a masterpiece of amazing design. The combination of the young and old spending quality time together is truly an inspiration and reassures the compassion of mankind.  In the future, I will share the nostalgia of my favorite Christmas décor with my immediate family.  There is the mystique of the holiday season that is inside of all of us that tends to alter our everyday traditions.  I do believe that this gingerbread tradition shines the spotlight on matters of the heart.

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