Area rugs in Arlington VA

A close friend of mine used to own a café themed around the concept of “Home Sweet Home”. The cozy colorful sofa, smooth jazz, dreamy lighting, a book case full of classic masterpieces and milky white stools coupled with delicious homemade cookies, turned it into a safe corner for me to shelter myself from the unnerving challenges of work and traffic for a few hours every day.
As a graduate Fashion Studies student, I have learned that fashion can reflect personality. Individuals feel most comfortable and confident when their looks properly express their characters. In my opinion, same principle applies to decoration. People are wrapped in their habitat just as clothes embrace the body. The setting of an environment can influence the emotional feedback of the population that temporarily or regularly use that space. A well-decorated house would invite you to go in, spend time, and cherish the memories you will whole-heartedly make. It is fascinating how your surroundings can help create a specific sensation or experience through direct communication with our receptors. The aroma of a scented candle, the gentle sound of a home décor water fountain, the feel and embracing warmth of an ancient silk rug, and the overall charm of an ideally-decorated scene at your apartment, your office or your favorite coffeehouse, will make you feel at home and urge you to come back for the safe and fulfilling experience when you’re on the lookout for area rugs in Arlington VA.

Same as dress codes, every environment should be associated with a specific “air” depending on its location or function. There are thus varying styles of decorations assigned to different spaces and the unique design elements of each would ultimately shape the soul and expected perception of an environment. For instance, tasteful lighting can induce happiness and productivity, the use of plants gives the space a “healthier” look, and intelligent employment of colors can positively influence the psychological state in the same manner that clothes both reflect and create moods and states of mind.

It is quite intriguing to see an ordinary ambient turned into something elegant and memorable through decoration. This form of art is as inspiring as it is creative and practical.