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my schtick weighs a ton
cos I ain't got one
that stuffs for jewish comics just after world war two
comin' on after the strippers
burlesque house style like you do
flippin' gags to guys with their strides around their feet
and hard ons jumpin in their hands
thats why my schtick weighs a ton
you have to have somethin' to protect yourself
some sort of mask
somethin' to hide behind
oh my schtick weighs a ton
I've been flyin' for so long
25 years I can't come down now
I got nowhere to come down to
whats down?
oh my schtick weighs a ton
I've been up for so long
I don't know anybody around
wherever I am
oh my schtick weighs a ton
Its people
people got their schtick eyes on me




Words Dave Graney
Music Greg den Hartog
Recorded by Greg den Hartog at Prolific Music, Melbourne.
Mixed by Dee at Prolific Music, Melbourne.
Drums by Clare Moore.
Thanks also to Bill Miller for his invaluable input.

Taken from the 2005 double cd by Graney and Moore, "Hashish and Liquor" . Click Here for details about Clare Moore's single, "the town bike song" which was released with this song as a double A side on Reverberation records
Lyrics inspired by an interview with Phil Silvers. Music all came from Greg.