Southwestern Home Decor Basics

My First Experience Decorating With Southwestern Decor

southwest home decorA Triforce lamp is adjusted to just the right angle.  The bookshelves stand tall: towers to defend my kingdom.  My TARDIS blanket is draped elegantly over my chair.  This is my domain.  If you hadn’t already guessed it, I’m a geek.  Being entirely honest, I have never had much of an eye for fashion.  My Mother and sister scoff at my sad attempts to put together a dress outfit.  However, southwestern decor is an entirely different ball game.  In my room, I have the ability to express my interests in a unique way.


When I’m not reorganizing my bookshelves for the umpteenth time, I’m on Pinterest crafting my Southwestern Decor board (a personal favorite is the Portal bathroom idea with two opposing mirrors giving the illusion of a real portal), or I’m playing the Sims and creating my dream library for pixel people.  One day, I want a room with a secret bookshelf passageway like in Scooby Doo.  (It is important to dream big).  Kidding aside, decor is self-expression in the sense that I can pay tribute to the things I love as subtly or as obnoxiously as I want.


Finding My Identity in My Decorating Style

The spaces in my life that I have jurisdiction over become an extension of myself.  In times when I feel broken, seeing my room the way I intended it to be, as a reflection of myself, puts me back together in a small way.  Is my “Mischief Managed” poster overdoing it a little?  Perhaps. However, it is the visual reminder of stories that in the past have made me feel loved that create a sense of home for me.  Wherever I am living, I spread my geeky sense of style, so that even when it seems as though I am alone, I have my fiction friends along with me.